Choosing Your Drainvac Central Vacuums Provider

Cleansing of our surroundings makes for a necessary task that has to be done at regular intervals of time to assure the quality of human life. The modern lifestyle has made things complicated for every individual as it is hard to take out the time for the cleaning of one’s house or office from the busy schedule that one is bound by. This is why people have taken to the inventions and innovations of modern engineering and technology to accomplish this task of cleaning. Drainvac central vacuums have gained popularity as the best aid in the cleaning of one’s house and office.

The reason behind the popularity of the vacuums is that these offer a myriad of perks over the traditional methods of cleaning our house and surroundings. If you too are burdened by the task of cleaning of hard to reach parts of a house or office, getting the drainvac central vacuums to your rescue could be the best option that you have.

Following are a few factors that make the drainvac vacuum so special an aid for cleaning:

  • Quick: – The vacuum cleaner can make your cleaning task a quick to accomplish the activity and that too with a far lesser effort and hard work invested into the task. Although the quality of your product matters a lot when expecting the benefits, hence the choice of your provider should be made wisely.
  • Innovative and experienced:- Designing and crafting of modern technology such as the drainvac vacuum is a creative task and demands experience for quality output of products. Make sure that the service provider of your choice is an experienced campaigner in the industry.

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Buying the Right Kind of Vacuum Cleaner for Your Premises

Irrespective of whether you own commercial or residential premises, taking care of its day-to-day cleaning is important. The vacuum cleaner has become a staple appliance which is highly useful in commercial as well as residential settings.

Wherever a living being exists, a mess is bound to get made. And though considered socially-advanced, human beings are no exception to this rule. Buying the right kinds of vacuum cleaners visiting reputable vacuum cleaner stores is going to give you ideal solutions.


The vacuum cleaner is useful not only for cleaning dust and debris from the ground but there are also many models which are equipped with accessories like the power wands allowing one to clean the upholstery and the curtains.

One needs to select the most suitable vacuum cleaner according to the job required to be done and the rooms which have to be cleaned. Powerful and lift away models may be useful for home setting while a heavy-duty device is necessary for cleaning lots of rooms in commercial premises. Read on further to know more about how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your space.

Differences between residential and commercial vacuum cleaners

Typically, the residential vacuum cleaners are lighter and it is easier to maneuver them. These have various kinds of builds ranging from the canister to upright. These vacuum cleaners are designed for versatility and have the ability to clean the bare floors and the carpets. The requirements for maintenance and upkeep may differ as per the model.

A residential model can be fixed easily for any faults that may crop up. However, the style of upkeep is going to determine how efficiently it can serve its purpose. There is a need to change the filter or bag frequently. Apart from this, you also need to be aware of the proper methods and cleaning techniques to be used with it.


Unlike the above scenarios, the commercial vacuum cleaners last much longer and are more durable. However, when it comes to repairs and maintenance, it is costly to get fixes in the commercial vacuum cleaners.

These are heavy-duty models with greater size and power. Thus generally, these are highly expensive. Moreover, these are specialized kinds of devices and are much more energy efficient. Companies buying these units, energy savings and cutting downs costs are one of their major concerns. Thus, commercial vacuum manufacturers and vacuum cleaner stores have come up with the right kinds of products in this category.

The performance of the commercial vacuum cleaner is much better than that of the residential vacuum cleaner.

Bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners

There are vacuum cleaners which utilize bags to store debris and dirt. These generally require a lesser amount of maintenance or cleaning as all you require doing is keeping a watch on the full bag indicator.

The bags are made from HEPA grade material and these are highly useful for people suffering from allergies. However, bagless vacuum cleaners are also gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. One just needs to ensure that the filters in the bagless vacuum remain clean and the dust cup is nearly empty.

Always make sure you access reliable vacuum cleaner stores so that the expert sales team of the company guides you into selecting the product most suitable for your requirements.

Benefits Of Installing A Central Vacuum System

Installment of Central Vacuum

No doubt vacuuming is important for keeping your house clean and tidy, but the process can be really awful for you.

Dragging the heavy vacuum machinery in the house, the screaming sound causing irritation to others and scaring all the dogs in the neighbourhood, the dust blowing and hitting back your face making your allergies even worse and a lot more, that you really want to pull the plug out.

Installment of Central Vacuum

Fortunately, you can trust your gut feeling as there is an alternative, i.e. installing a central vacuum system.

Though beam central vacuums are considered as the best because of their light weight, ease of use and efficient working, you can also make a choice among others, depending on your requirements and needs.

You must be thinking is it really necessary to install a central vacuum in your house. Well, though the decision is all yours, we would like to tell you the reasons that why should you go for it.

  • The central vacuum systems store all the heavy machinery outside the house. So, neither you need to worry about the loud noise of the motor nor about the accidental recirculation of dust in the house.
  • Whether you are installing a beam central vacuum system or another central vacuum system, it is going to use three times more suction than the portable ones. The powerful system gets the dust out from every nook and cranny of your house.
  • As the motor is stored outside the house, it stays cooler and adds to the longevity of the system.
  • By improving the quality of air in the house, the central vacuum systems improve the quality of your life. They remove all the allergens effectively from the house and help to keep the allergies at bay.

Apart from these, the central vacuum systems are easy to use and have a longer lifespan.

Undoubtedly, a central vacuum is going to cost you initially, but it brings along the ease of deep cleaning and keeping the allergens away from your house.

So, when you make your mind to install a beam central vacuum or any of the other vacuum systems, you must visit Vacuum Specialists.

Quick Guide to Clean Your Vacuum Filters

Would you mind us saying that Vacuum cleaners are the best friend of every mom? And why not! Vacuum cleaners are the only companion to help them clean those stubborn carpets and hard floors every Sunday.
vacuum cleaner

Unfortunately, these companions are machines and need proper maintenance and care. Cleaning your vacuum filters is essential to ensure their longevity and proper functioning, which is often overlooked.

Well, the good news is that cleaning your vacuum filters can be done at home easily without much efforts or expenditure. A little knowledge and time can make your vacuum cleaner look and work like a brand new one.

Follow these simple cleaning steps and we bet your best buddy will keep up with you for years to come.

Steps to Cleaning Vacuum Filters

1. Take the user manual seriously – Before you begin the cleaning process, go through the manual to understand the internal manufacturing of your vacuum cleaner. This will help you locate the filters and other parts that need cleaning. The manual will also help you determine which parts need dusting and cleaning.

2. Clean the Dust Cup and the Filters – Can you see the dirt collection cup and filter? Remove the cup first and tap it against the dustbin to empty the dust collected inside. Repeat the step for dusting the filter, too.

Pro tip: Make it a habit to empty the dust cup whenever you use it to prevent your cleaner to work harder. Also, wash the cup once in a month. Allow it to dry before replacing it.

3. Wash the Filters – A majority of the vacuum cleaners have one or more filters that need proper cleaning, too. If your cleaner has a foam filter, clean it under the running tap by hand. Let it dry completely before fitting it back. It might take 24-48 hours for the filter to dry completely. Replacing the wet filters can encourage the growth of mould and unpleasant smell.

Pro Tip: Do not use any harsh brush, or soap to clean the filter to prevent its damage.
Once you are done with the cleaning of your vacuum filter, replace it again for reuse.

The Final Say

The above steps make it evident that cleaning your vacuum filters is not as challenging as it sounds. However, if you still feel a need, you can hire vacuum specialists to simplify your efforts and help you with vacuum cleaner cleaning, repairing and maintenance.

Vacuum Filters in Calgary: Keeping Your Filters Clean for Peak Machine Efficiency

Most of us know that it is important to empty the vacuum cleaner in order to make it ready to use the next time. The pickup efficiency of the vacuum career becomes better after this. But, a significant number of people are not aware the greater performance of the vacuum cleaner is achieved through the regular cleaning of the vacuum filter too. One can hire services to clean vacuum filters in Calgary, to keep your bagless vacuum cleaner functioning at it best.

If the vacuum filter of a bagless vacuum cleaner gets clogged even for a little while, there can be a noticeable loss of the suction. In fact, one can notice that the machine starts making unusual noises indicating that it is struggling to perform its best. If you notice such thing happening to your vacuum cleaner, it is better to take your vacuum cleaner to vacuum filter cleaning service. The cleaning of the filter is so ignored, that it frequently becomes overused in many cases. This should be avoided to keep your vacuum cleaner in a good shape.

How to replace vacuum filters in Calgary?

First of all, you must find out where the vacuum filter is located in your vacuum cleaner. In the next step, the vacuum cleaner should be removed from the machine and tapped briskly for removing all kinds of debris. The filter is then ahead under lukewarm running water. It must then be allowed to dry rapidly. If your the vacuum cleaner has more than one filter, all of them may not be washable. Thus, it is important to refer to the user’s guide before attempting to clean the vacuum filters.

Important points to be kept in mind

Cleaning and replacement of the vacuum filters should be carried out regularly. Buying vacuum filters in Calgary should be done from established and reliable companies. One should not wait till the filter gets clogged in order to start the cleaning process. The filters are best cleaned at least once a week if the vacuum cleaner is being used on an everyday basis. In case of lesser frequent use, cleaning once in a month can be sufficient.


Regular cleaning of the filters is imperative to get peak performance by your vacuum cleaners. Moreover, the cleaning process prevents the vacuum cleaner from becoming a harbour of dust and it also helps to keep the vacuum filter free of odours.

Bagless vacuum cleaners have nearly two or three vacuum filters located at various positions. Alongside regular cleaning, the filters need to be replaced every 3 months. The bagless vacuum machines rely on small vacuum filters that have the tendency to get clogged sooner than the bagged counterparts. Some of the filters in your machine could be washable, while others may need to be replaced. When you wash the filters make sure that they are thoroughly dried before replacing them back so as to prevent the growth of mould or mildew in the machine. You can buy the vacuum filters in Calgary online before you decide to carry out the replacement or washing.

Vacuum Parts and Vacuum Filter: Buying the Right Spare Parts for Your Cleaning Superhero

Every household needs a good vacuum cleaner for keeping the surroundings clean and hygienic. However, a poorly maintained vacuum cleaner can give headaches to its user in many ways. Thus, whenever you choose to get your vacuum cleaner service, you must get genuine Vacuum Parts and Vacuum Filter from reliable suppliers. One can get these at affordable rates from some trustworthy online websites.

Here are some considerations that you should answer before you opt to buy the perfect vacuum cleaner, its filter, and other parts:

vacuum filter

Analysing Needs:Commercial or Residential Vacuum Cleaner
The industrial vacuum cleaners appear as heavy duty machines and these are designed to carry out specific works like handling cleanup of hazardous chemicals, mercury cleanup, museum artifact cleansing and much more. Certain brands like the Nilfisk and Pullman-Holt manufacture outstanding industrial vacuum cleaners. These are featured with premium filtration that can be used for the remediation of asbestos, lead, bio-hazardous dust.
Residential vacuum cleaners are completely different to use and there are certain features that one needs to take into account while selecting the right one.

vacuum parts

Preferences for Stick, Upright and Canister Vacuums
The upright vacuums are the ideal ones for homes and offices carpeted with hard floors. It is quite easy to steer these and they can be comfortably used in large open areas. The upright vacuums have closed bagged and high-quality filtration which makes them the best choice for individuals suffering from allergy. Here, one shook look for features like height adjustment, suction control, and cord length control.

In case you need to make any maneuvers in tighter spaces, the canister vacuum is the right choice. These are recommended for homes and offices with light carpeting or bare floors. These can also be moved up and down the stairs. These must be equipped with reliable suction hoses. One can easily clean upholstery, curtain, and sofas with the help of canister vacuums.

When one lives in a small condo with low pile carpeting and smooth flooring, stick vacuum will be the most convenient option. With just a push of the button, these can be transformed into the handheld vacuums.

After you have bought the right vacuum, do not forget that it is also important to get it serviced using the right spare parts and vacuum filter. You can look for the best quality and genuine Vacuum Parts and Vacuum Filter at affordable rates from Vacuum Specialists.

Central Vacuum Vs Handheld Vacuum

It goes without saying, that regular vacuuming is the key to keeping your carpets, rugs and even hard floors looking their absolute best. Besides, a vacuum cleaner is one of the most vital cleaning tools for your home or office, which is the reason why it is very important when buying a new vacuum cleaner that you make the right decision. However, with the many choices of vacuum cleaners on the market today, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Besides, choosing between a central vacuum and a handheld vacuum has always been a heated debate among people.


While central vacuums do some things better than the handheld units, but handheld vacuum cleaners have numerous advantages as well. Not to worry, it’s time to compare a central vacuum vs. a handheld vacuum to see which one serves which purpose.

1.) Power – Let’s face it, central vacuums have three to five times more power when compared to handheld vacuums. Considering the fact that power unit is not meant to be portable, it can contain a more powerful motor than handheld vacuum.

2.) Cleaning nooks and corners of a household – One of the major benefits of a handheld vacuum cleaner is the fact that it is capable of cleaning even the nooks and corners of a household and are very easy to handle. Besides, even children can be trained to use them.

3.) Cost – When it comes to cost, a handheld vacuum cleaner will cost you less than a central vacuum cleaner. However, many central vacuum dealers claim that central vacuum can help in saving you money by extending the life of your carpeting, furniture among others through deeper cleaning, so make your pick wisely.

4.) Performance – Without a doubt, central vacuum systems have way more suction power than handheld vacuums, making this the preferred vacuum for deep cleaning.


While these were some of the pros and cons of central vacuum and handheld vacuum, there are many others, such as central vacuum systems are quieter than handheld vacuum, central vacuums eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your home or office among many others. However, it is vital that you buy central vacuum or handheld vacuum from a reputable place. One of the recommended ones is Vacuum Specialists. They offer a broad range of high-quality handheld vacuums, central vacuum units among many others at affordable rates.

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